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Faggiano Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Fremont Patients Say

Heart hands around sunAt Faggiano Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Very Patient and Knowledgeable

Dr. Faggiano is very knowledgeable and very patient. He is one of the best chiropractors I have seen so far. I am an avid Crossfit athlete and he has given me great guidance on how to get better with my workouts.
~Sunny T.

Very Professional

We all never intend to become victims of accidents nor can for see them happening. I am glad I am in the right hands with Dr. Faggiano. After being involved in a horrible car accident and luckily walking away with only bumps and a bruised shoulder I was refereed to Dr. Faggiano as part of my physical therapy. Never did I realized how much help chiropractic care can be and aid in a speedy recovery. He is very professional, gives you a breakdown of what treatment you’ll undergo and explains step by step what each method consists. He is very attentive and patient in regards to any questions you may have and answers them all to the best of his ability. His assistant Marceline at the front desk is a breath of fresh air! She makes the process of registering as pleasant as can be. All in all I am extremely satisfied.
~Rene U.

Feel Like a Lifelong Patient

Hope is the most important element of healing. I needed reassurance a few days after my initial visit and Dr. F came to the phone and discussed my pain level and my concerns about my ability to heal completely. I am a new patient but I feel as if I have been a lifelong patient. The entire office staff knows who I am every time I call. In my first visit, even though my pain level was a 10, the highest on the scale, by the time I left my first appointment, my joy scale was a 10. Accidents happen. I’m glad I have discovered a place to land when I have the misfortune of not landing on my feet.
~Kathryn L.

Great Hours

Really appreciate your late office hours, walk-in visit availability, and the fact that you make us feel at home. I will recommend you to my friends who are looking for a chiropractor.
~Thida S.

Wonderful Find

Dr. Faggiano was a wonderful find! I’ve been to other chiropractors in the past and he is so much more engaged in my situation and recovery. He does more than just adjust my bones, he focuses on muscles and tendons that have gotten out of whack due to long term misalignment. Now I’m recovering on schedule and enjoying the disappearance of all my symptoms.
~Margaret G.

Right Fit

Dr. Faggiano,

I have been under chiropractic care for many years. Chiropractic care is my preference for health care. I have found that there are differences in chiropractors. They have different styles, techniques, and methods of adjusting and treatment. I learned that some have more ‘finesse’ than others. You are one of these chiropractors. We had moved to this area a few months ago and I had been searching for a chiropractor and had seen some, but had not found anyone that I felt was the ‘right fit’ for me. When my low back became strained and I was in a lot of pain and it was difficult to function, I knew that I really needed to be adjusted, but it had unfortunately happened when it was a day off for the chiropractors I had contacted, I have to admit that I was also concerned about seeing someone who I was not familiar with how they adjusted. Seeing a chiropractor for the first time when you don’t know how they adjust can make even someone familiar with chiropractic apprehensive, and this is compounded when there is an acute, painful area that makes you want relief, but you also do not want to be touched. As it turned out, as I was being treated by you, with the first adjustment you gave me, I realized that I was in literally ‘in good hands’ I was amazed by your skill. In my opinion the term “effective and gentle chiropractic care” fits you like it was custom made just to describe you. You don’t have to use force because you have ‘finesse’.

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I am so glad that as I drove down Mowry that day and saw your sign in the shopping center that I made the decision to stop. What seemed like an unfortunate experience (both the strain and not being able to get in to see anyone that I had seen before), turned out to be a blessing because I wouldn’t have found you because I wouldn’t have had a reason to come to see you.

That day my low back pain was so acute, that I had been almost to the point of tears at times. I didn’t have an appointment, yet you arranged your schedule to accommodate seeing me as a new patient, which meant taking a lot of time to get to know my complex medical history and evaluate me. I was impressed with your thoroughness. I was even more impressed by how effective your gentle adjustments immediately relieved so much of the pain in my low back as well as the other areas that are sometimes ‘obstinate’ about receiving an adjustment and can be challenging even for a chiropractor familiar with my body. But you were able to gently and effectively use your skull and techniques to help my body receive the adjustments it needed.

During the time that I spent in your office that day, I observed how careing you are for all your patients. It is evident in so many ways that you really care about your patients and I am so grateful that I found you and for the quality of care that you give to me.
~Maureen M., Union City, CA

Compassionate, Caring and Understanding

I have seen a couple different chiropractors around Fremont over the years and Dr. Faggiano is definitely the best I have ever been to. He’s compassionate, caring, and very understanding. Everyone at the office is extremely friendly.

I first contacted Dr. Faggiano when I was experiencing excruciating low back pain from bending over working in my yard. I was suddenly unable to move or stand up and it took 2 people to carry me into my house. A friend recommended that I see Dr. Faggiano so I called his office. It was a Saturday evening and I was still able to reach him. I remember that he was with his family shopping but said he would drive to his office to see me because I was in so much pain. I have never known a doctor that would do this for someone, He even brought his family to the office with him.

After my treatment that evening my pain went down significantly. He treated me for about 4 weeks all together. By the end of my treatment I was completely pain free and feeling better than I did even before I got injured. He showed me how to do stretches and exercises at home that would help me keep my back healthy and strong. It’s been 2 1/2 years now and the pain has not returned, He explained how important it is to keep your spine healthy even when you don’t feel like there’s a problem. I still get adjusted occasionally by Dr. Faggiano so I can maintain the health of my entire spine and body.

I always recommend him to people I know.
~Stacey T., Fremont, CA.

Best Care

I initially came in to see him about a problem that I was having with my knee. When I first called I was in a lot of pain and was given an appointment the same day. He gave me an x-ray, loads of advice on how to care for my injury, an exercise plan to strengthen it, and adjustments- for a very reasonable price, and all my follow up treatments have cost even less than the initial appointment. I have pain issues other than my knee problem and he will do all the adjustments and therapies I need in one appointment, for them same price that he charged me for only my initial knee care! Plus when you wait for your adjustments you get to sit in the most lovely massage chairs. Every time I leave I feel better for weeks, and am experiencing more long term pain reduction as well!! Yay!!

I have never had a problem getting next day appointments. It is so nice to have a medical provider who actually listens to you when you talk about your aches and medical history. If you have any pain issues, and can’t afford a trip to the regular doctor (like me) or even if you can, I totally recommend Dr. Faggiano.
~Jessica I., Fremont, CA.

Dr. Faggiano is Awesome!

I was referred here by one of my employees after I was rear ended in a car accident. The first day I made my appointment, I asked to come in a few hours early since my back was killing me. Without even checking any available openings or even being open yet, Dr. Faggiano said no problem. You can’t get that kind of care just anywhere. So far all of my adjustments have been great. I always walk out feeling so much better than when I went in. I definitely refer him if you ever need a chiropractor.
~Ryan H., Fremont, CA.

Can Count on Doctor

I would never go to anyone for care after knowing him. The first time I came into the office, I was greeted by him personally, and walked through the paperwork. The initial exam was comfortable and informative. He never tried to get me to spend more money than I had to, nor did he talk to me about my condition as though I was ignorant. His fee for cash patients is very reasonable, but if you have insurance, he will check your coverage in the office on your first day. I always leave the office feeling great and it stays that way for a long time. Because of my work, I have neck pain and low back pain frequently, and I can always count on Dr. Faggiano to make me better.
~Claire R., Pleasanton, CA.

Fantastic Doctor!

Dr. Faggiano is a very competent professional who’s skill is coupled with an innate sense of knowing right where it hurts. While other’s rush as many patients as possible into their day, Dr. Faggiano works with each individual at a pace that matches the circumstance. When you need the extra care, he provides a perfect touch. He is very knowledgeable of homeopathic treatments and can provide nutritional consultations and support. He is the best kept secret in Northern California (and I am reluctant to share), who I have been a patient of, for over seven years. I just wish my personal relationships lasted that long.
~Melody T., San Leandro, CA.

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